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Sale of containers

Containers are commonly used for shipping and road transport, as well as for mobile storage. They are durable steel rectangular structures that allow for the safe transportation and storage of goods. Due to the growing trend of consumption, container sales are becoming increasingly popular.

The containers offered by Eco Containers come in standard height and elevated models. They are available in various lengths, including 20', 40' and 45'. Our offer includes the sale of both new and used containers, as well as the possibility of refurbishing containers on request. We provide a wide selection of containers of different sizes, types and purposes.

In addition to standard container groups, we also offer special containers such as Flat Rack and Open Top containers.

When it comes to refrigerated containers, we also provide maintenance services. Our team of specialists repairs, maintains and configures chillers to ensure optimal temperature conditions for stored goods.


We are a leader in the sale of marine containers in all sizes, including 20', 40' and 45', in both standard and elevated versions. Our range also includes specialty containers such as Flat Rack, Bulk, Open Top and Full Side Access containers. We provide a variety of options to accommodate the specific needs of our customers and provide them with the right solution for transporting and storing goods.


Refrigerated containers are available in a variety of sizes, similar to shipping containers. Their main advantage is their ability to maintain the desired temperature of products, which is possible thanks to the chillers that supply them. These containers are particularly useful in the food service, medical and retail industries. They offer optimal conditions for the storage and transportation of goods requiring temperature control.