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Self Storage, self-service warehouses, Rental Box 24h!

Do you need more space? Are you short of space? Try self-storage!

Our 24-hour Rental Box self-storage facilities are available to you around the clock.
Rent additional space to meet your needs.

Self Storage 24/7

Self-storage - flexible self-service warehouses

Self-storage warehouses are gaining popularity in the Polish market, and we were one of the pioneers in introducing this service to our offer. Our warehouses are modified shipping containers, divided into different spaces of varying sizes. They serve as self-service warehouses, available at our container yards. We offer users free access to their own storage facilities at any time of the day or night.

Are you planning a renovation and need a safe and convenient place to store your furniture?
Do you run sports activities and need a place to store equipment?
Does your business need extra space for documents, office equipment or goods?
Or maybe you have a bicycle that you have nowhere to keep during the off-season?

If your answer is "yes" to any of these questions, then self-storage is the perfect solution for you! You can store virtually anything in our warehouses regardless of size.

We offer three different sizes of storage units for rent: 2.8 m², 6.8 m² and 13.8 m². This is ideal for customizing your storage space to suit your individual needs. Our storage yard is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which means you are free to access your warehouse at any time.

Available self-service warehouses:

rental boxes

Self-storage warehouse 6.8m²

Internal dimensions:
298cm x 235cm x 240cm

216 cartons 50cm x 40cm x 40cm


Inside you can store:
equipment, scooter, furniture

Rental Box Valencia

Self-storage warehouse 13.8m²

Internal dimensions:
590 cm x 235cm x 240cm

336 cartons 50cm x 40cm x 40cm


Inside you can store:
furniture, equipment, car

Warehouses 24/7 Valencia

Self-storage warehouse 28m²

Internal dimensions:
1200cm x 235cm x 270cm

773 cartons 50cm x 40cm x 40cm

76,2 m3 / 25 europalets

Inside you can store:
furniture, bicycle, documents, car

Self-storage - we store for you

space you need

Choosing the
right space

Storage areas start from as little as 2,8m²


of storage

The storage yard is constantly monitored

companies and individuals

An offer
for everyone

Self-storage is available for companies as well as for individuals

flexible terms

rental terms

Rent your warehouse for a month, a year or even several years

24/7 access


Unlimited access to your warehouse at any time of day or night

If you are looking for additional space to store products, tools, documents, furniture... Our diverse offer will allow you to customize it to your needs. Check out how convenient and secure our storage rental services are. Contact our representative.

Access 24/7, 365 days a year
Space monitored with cameras and alarm
Rental service includes insurance
Easy access directly to the warehouse
Good location in Massanassa shopping area

General terms and conditions

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