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used containers

Used containers

Check out our range of used shipping containers and refrigerated containers! Used containers are the ideal solution for those looking for a durable, yet more economical solution.

Our wide selection of used containers includes all standard sizes: 10’, 20’, 40’ and 45’. This gives you the opportunity to choose the right container for your needs. What's more, the used containers are fully operational and feature a high degree of leak-tightness, ensuring the safety of your goods during transport.

Another big plus is that used containers are available at attractive prices, compared to their new counterparts. This will save you money without sacrificing quality.

used containers

If you are concerned about aesthetics, we also offer the possibility of renovating the container. We will carry out comprehensive work, including repair of corroded areas, as well as sandblasting and repainting the container in the color of your choice. This will make it look fresh and modern, while keeping its functionality intact.

Don't delay, contact us today and find the perfect used container to suit your needs. We guarantee high quality, durability and competitive prices!

The most popular used containers available in the offer:

The container 20'DC in the used category is a fully functional container that shows some signs of use, but is more attractive in terms of price compared to a new container. It has a length of 6 meters, making it one of the most popular types available on the market. Inside, the container can accommodate as many as 11 Europallets.

The container 40' DC with a length of 12 meters in the used version is fully operational technically and bears signs of normal wear and tear. Inside the container can accommodate 25 Europallets, and its maximum load capacity is 26,710 kg. It is a practical solution both for daily transportation and as a storage space for goods.

The container 40'HC (High Cube) is 12 meters long and about 30 cm taller than the container 40'DC, which makes the loading process easier. It can accommodate 25 Europallets. Although the container may show some signs of wear and tear, it is airtight and in full working order.

The refrigerated container 20'RF in the used version is fully operational and aesthetically pleasing. It is equipped with a chiller of the Starcool or ThermoKing brand, which makes it possible to maintain a stable temperature inside between -30°C and +30°C. This makes it possible to store and transport products in controlled thermal conditions, regardless of changing weather conditions.

The refurbished elevated refrigerated container 40'HCRF has undergone a thorough renovation, including a sandblasting and repainting process so that it is in working order and looks aesthetically pleasing. The 40'HCRF has a standard length of 12 meters and belongs to the High Cube Reefer type, which means it is 30 cm taller than standard refrigerated containers.

The 12-meter-long container, known as the Flat Rack, is an ideal solution for extremely heavy goods of non-standard size. Its load capacity is an impressive 31,200 kg A distinctive feature of this model is the absence of side walls and a roof, which allows easy loading and unloading of transported cargo. Despite the fact that it is a used container, it meets all the efficiency requirements found in a new container. As a result, you can have full confidence in its reliability and safety during transportation.

However, that's not all we offer! Our modification department can transform used containers into brand new, functional spaces. Are you dreaming of your own catering outlet? Do you want to arrange an office on a construction site? Or maybe you need specialized storage for gases or liquids? Nothing simpler than that! Our experience and creativity allow us to adapt the container to your requirements.

Our specialists undertake all repairs and renovations to keep your used containers in the best possible condition. Thanks to our modifications and alterations, these containers get "new life" and new functionality. Used modified containers are the ideal solution for those who are looking for a space tailored to their unique needs, but are also concerned about economy and the environment.